WiTech X1

– Affordable and easy to use system
– Supports Sony, Canon, Panasonic, DreamChip and more
– Green and Red Tally lights
– Quick setup
WiTech X1 is the most affordable as well as robust wireless camera control system in the world. Operating at 868 MHz it allows you to get the range of 500 meters and more depending on the venue and weather conditions.
What’s more WiTech X1 is a flexible solution for rental houses as it supports all Sony, Canon, Panasonic and DreamChip cameras with BlackMagic and Ikegami coming soon. Although, the system has a one year warranty period, WiTech is trying to do everything possible to provide fast and comprehensive support beyond that term.

Manufactured of aluminum WiTech X1 is by far the lightest system on the market. It’s net weight of just 60 grams accompanied by the tiny size smaller than a cigarette pack makes it a perfect system for any broadcast camera, especially for steadicams.